Why is Linux Web hosting Cheaper?

Why is Linux Web hosting Cheaper?

Web Hosting is an important part of the website as it is performed with the help of hosting services. Hosting services are also known as a backbone of a website. We have to be very careful in choosing the web hosting services. There are a lot of people who are providing the web hosting services at the cheaper prices. You should be very are while selecting the hosting services as you have to buy cheap web hosting services without compromising the quality of services.

When come to the best web hosting at cheaper prices, Linux hosting comes in everyone’s mind. It also enjoys the world’s largest market share in terms of hosting and that’s why it is more scalable, flexible as well as economical when compared to other web hosting services.  Like there is a battle between server operating system between Windows and other Linux similarly as in the case of web hosting services as most of the servers are fighting for it. Definitely, Linux is leading in the market as it provides the best services with cheaper prices.

Many of the new users opted for Linux web hosting services other than the Windows hosting services as it is a flexible server to start with. Like in the year 2009, Linux share in the market in terms of hosting services is about 20-40% based on the servers sold by various companies. After that, there is a continuous growth of Linux users in the market and nowadays it acquired 70% of the server market in India based on the website hosted by the server.

The main reasons for the popularity of Linux servers are that it is an open source and it is more stable and cheaper than any other hosting. It is available in several forms like RedHat, CentOS, Ubuntu and so on. As Linux is an open source, It is freely available for the users. All the enterprise also opt for Linux hosting as it economical. Windows is a product of Microsoft and it has some additional license which makes it costlier than other hosting services. Add on connected with Windows hosting contains a fee charge which makes Windows hosting expensive.

Web Host Pune is an organization which is into web hosting services from the year 2012. They are the web hosting service provider for a very long time. It provides all types of hosting services like WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, Reseller Hosting and so on. It provides Linux web hosting at a very cheaper price. The reason for selling the Linux web hosting at the very cheaper price is that they have their own server space which generally reduces the hosting price. We are not a company who first buy and then sell the hosting services.

The cost of maintenance of the Linux web hosting service is quite low as the servers are maintained by Web Host Pune. There is around 1 TB of disk space available with them which slightly decreases the price of hosting. Also, the services offered by Web Host Pune is great and available 24/7. There are a lot of other factors which make Web host Pune to sell their Linux hosting at a cheaper price. Several other additional costs are not levied to the customers as it is 6 years old web hosting company.

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